Phoenix Pagan Pride Day
November 9th, 2014
Steele Indian School Park
Phoenix, AZ 85012

2014 Phoenix Pagan Pride


The Phoenix Pagan Pride Day event is held every year to provide the opportunity to educate the public about the diverse Pagan and Neopagan beliefs. We do this by showcasing seasonal celebrations and speakers from various traditions or denominations. The Pagan Pride Day event was started by a few individuals to promote understanding and acceptance of Pagan spirituality, but, as the event grew, the knew that our organization should support and educate the public at large. We believe our event achieves those goals through lectures, cultural activities such as dance performances, artist displays, as well as supporting the community by holding food drives and raising funds for various organizations like Desert Cry Nature Refuge in Queen Creek.

Phoenix Pagan Pride Day is held in conjunction with similar events worldwide in such places as New York, Atlanta, Australia and Brazil. We are dedicated to educating the public about Pagan spirituality, that we uphold ethical standards, support civil rights, value ecology as an extension of our view of the Earth as sacred and be well read and interested in learning.

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